Apply Now to Serve on a Subbasin Committee!

Subbasin implementation committees for the Salinas Valley Basin Groundwater Sustainability Agency (SVBGSA) provide a space for in-depth discussion, debate and deliberation on matters that focus on the implementation of the Groundwater Sustainability Plans of the six subbasins that the SVBGSA manages.

The committees are formed to monitor subbasin sustainability criteria, prioritize subbasin-specific projects and management actions, seek community input and identify preferred funding mechanisms; to advise and recommend actions to the Board of Directors on these topics; and to provide feedback to staff. The committees do not make final determinations but rather make recommendations for Board consideration.

Committee members include interested stakeholders who have demonstrated effective collaboration and leadership in working on water-related topics. There are no alternates and the 12 seats will be assigned to individuals (not organizations).

A committee member is expected to attend all committee meetings, which are typically held bimonthly or quarterly. They are also encouraged to attend Board meetings, especially when items that fall under their committee’s jurisdiction are being discussed.

Member understands the importance and value of a positive and constructive culture to the overall performance of SVBGSA and agrees to uphold and follow the SVBGSA Code of Conduct.

Applications are now being accepted. The deadline to apply is Aug. 20, 2024. 

Subbasin Implementation Committee Membership Application


    • Reside or work within the boundaries of the respective subbasin of Salinas Valley

    “Reside” means to have a permanent residence within the subbasin. “Work” means to be self-employed at a permanent location within the subbasin; to be an employee of a business that has a permanent location or does substantial business within the subbasin; or to be an authorized representative of an established environmental, civic, business or homeowner organization or association that has a presence or is otherwise active within the subbasin.

    • Age 18 or over
    • Interest in water-related issues and civic service
    • Availability to attend meetings
    • Willingness to commit to a 2-year term
    • No more than 5 Board members may serve on a committee at any time


    • Two years starting at the beginning of each even fiscal year (July/August)
    • Eligible individuals may serve multiple terms but must re-apply
    • If a vacancy is filled mid-term, the member finishes the current 2-year term if more than one year is remaining; or has their 2-year term extended by the months left in the current term if less than one year is remaining
    • No more than one member from a household