The Salinas Valley Groundwater Basin includes nine subbasins, six of which fall partially or entirely within the jurisdiction of the SVBGSA within Monterey County:

The Seaside Basin is adjudicated and not subject to SGMA

In 2020, SVBGSA, in partnership with MCWD GSA and the County of Monterey GSA, completed the GSP for the 180/400-Foot Aquifer Subbasin. In 2022, SVBGSA completed GSPs for its remaining 5 subbasins: the Eastside Aquifer Subbasin, the Forebay Aquifer Subbasin (in partnership with ASGSA), the Upper Valley Aquifer Subbasin, the Langley Area Subbasin and the Monterey Subbasin (in partnership with MCWD GSA).

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