The Salinas Valley Basin Groundwater Sustainability Agency is governed by an eleven-member Board of Directors. The Board meets monthly to implement the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act in the Salinas Valley Groundwater Basin; all meetings are open to the public.


Each Director has one vote, and the Board requires a simple majority (six Directors) for routine business, a super majority (eight Directors) for approving the Groundwater Sustainability Plan, budgets, and member termination, and a super majority plus (eight Directors, including three of the Agricultural Directors) for imposing fees and or pumping limits.

View Directors’ Terms of Office (PDF)

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Steve Adams

Steve Adams

City Manager, King City

Seat: South County Cities
Committee: Budget & Finance
Alternate: None

Luis Alejo

Luis Alejo

Monterey County Supervisor

Seat: Other GSA Eligible Entity
Committee: Executive
Alternate: John Baillie


John Bramers, Chair

Merrill Farms

Seat: Agriculture, Pressure
Committee: 180/400 Subbasin (Chair), Budget & Finance, Forebay Subbasin, IPC
Alternate: Christopher Bunn

Janet Brennan

Janet Brennan


Seat: Environment
Committee: Budget & Finance (Chair), Monterey Subbasin, IPC
Alternate: Robin Lee

Caroline Chapin

Caroline Chapin

The Don Chapin Company

Seat: Public Member
Committee: Eastside Subbasin, Langley Subbasin (Chair), IPC
Alternate: Robert Rodoni

Caroline Chapin

Grant Cremers

Seat: Agriculture
Committee: Upper Valley Subbasin
Alternate: Brad Rice


Brenda Granillo

California Water Service Company

Seat: CPUC Regulated Water Company
Committee: Advisory, 180/400 Subbasin, SWIG
Alternate: Tom Adcock

Steve McIntyre

Steve McIntyre, Vice Chair

Monterey Pacific/McIntyre Vineyards

Seat: Agriculture, Forebay
Committee: Executive, Forebay Subbasin (Chair), SWIG
Alternate: Nick Huntington

Colby Pereria

Colby Pereira

Braga Fresh Family Farms

Seat: Agriculture, East Side / Langley
Committee: Executive (Chair), Eastside Subbasin (Chair), Forebay Subbasin, Langley Subbasin
Alternate: Kevin Tottino


Anthony Rocha

Councilmember, City of Salinas

Seat: City of Salinas
Committee: Budget & Finance
Alternate: Carla Gonzalez

Ron Stefani

Ron Stefani


Seat: Disadvantaged Community or Public Water System, including Mutual Water Companies Serving Residential Customers
Committee: Executive, Monterey Subbasin, 180/400 Subbasin (Vice Chair), SWIG
Alternate: None