Sub-basin and Integrated Sustainability Plan Committees:

Interested persons should complete and email the application to by April 16, 2020. Committees are rapidly forming to begin this critical work. The deadline will be extended if necessary, however those who are qualified and apply first will be considered first.

The responsibilities of the Committees may be found here.

Subcommittees would consist of up to 7 members including not more than 2 Directors.

Other members would be interested parties and stakeholders within the respective sub-basin. The purpose of the sub-basin committees would be to provide recommendations on the content of each sub-basin plan to the Integrated Sustainability Plan Committee. The proposed Integrated Sustainability Plan standing committee would consist of up to 15 members, including not more than 2 Directors; the other members consisting of interested parties and stakeholders throughout the Salinas Valley Groundwater Basin. It is expected that at least one member of the Integrated Plan Committee would represent the Seawater Intrusion Working group to ensure integration from the 180/400-foot aquifer. The Integrated Sustainability Plan Committee will provide advice and recommendations to the Agency’s Advisory Committee regarding the content of the sub-basin plans and the Integrated Sustainability Plan.

Applications for the non-Director applicants for each committee will be reviewed by the Executive Committee, with recommendations to the Board of Directors being made as soon as practical. The Executive Committee may also choose to interview candidates for non-director positions. The GSA Board will decide on which Directors shall be members.