Past SVBGSA Meetings & Materials

Past SVBGSA Meetings & Materials2018-09-05T12:15:22+00:00

Past Board of Directors Meetings

Meeting DatePacketAgendaMinutesIndividual Packet Materials
May 17, 2018Agenda
May 10, 2018AgendaSalinas Valley Basin Groundwater Setting, SGMA's Impacts on Groundwater Rights, Salinas River Stream Maintenance Program Presentation
Apr 19, 2018AgendaHydroMetrics Inc. GSP Presentation
Apr 12, 2018Meeting PacketAgendaDeepwater Desal PowerPoint Presentation, Deepwater Desal Letter
Mar 8, 2018Meeting Packet
Feb 22, 2018Meeting Packet
Feb 8, 2018Meeting Packet
Jan 11, 2018Meeting Packet
Dec 14, 2017Meeting Packet
Nov 9, 2017Agenda
Oct 12, 2017Meeting Packet
Sep 14, 2017AgendaMinutesItem 6: Aug 10 GSA Unofficial Minutes, Item 8: Treasurer-Auditor Appointment, Item 9: Banking Resolution, Item 10: Financing Options, Item 12: Negotiation Services
Aug 10, 2017AgendaMinutesItem 7: Agreement for Services with RGS, RGS Agreement
Jul 13, 2017AgendaMinutesBoard Report: Agenda Item 7
Jun 8, 2017AgendaMinutesBoard Report
May 11, 2017AgendaMinutes
Apr 20, 2017Meeting PacketAgendaLetters to SVBGSA
Apr 13, 2017Minutes
Mar 9, 2017MinutesFact Sheet - Salinas GSA Recommendation, Salinas GSA Recommendation Fact Sheet - February 2017

Past Executive Committee Meetings

Meeting DatePacketAgendaMinutesIndividual Packet Materials
May 24, 2018Meeting Packet
Apr 26, 2018Meeting Packet
Mar 22, 2018Meeting Packet
Jan 25, 2018Meeting Packet
Nov 1, 2017AgendaItem 2: Bylaws, Item 2A: Exhibit A, Item 2B: Exhibit B, Item 3: Grant Application Update
Aug 14, 2017Agenda

Past Budget & Finance Committee Meetings

Meeting DatePacketAgendaMinutesIndividual Packet Materials
Jun 12, 2018Meeting Packet
Apr 5, 2018Meeting Packet
Mar 1, 2018Meeting Packet
Feb 1, 2018Meeting Packet
Jan 4, 2018Agenda
Dec 7, 2017Agenda

Past GSP Formation Meeting & Materials

Document DateDocument
Jan 14, 2019NOTICE 1-10-19 Board Release of GSP Chapters
Dec 17, 20182018-12-17 Posted Announcements Chapters 1-3
Nov 20, 2018GSP Comments 11-20-18
Jul 26, 2018GSP Development Community Outreach Meetings
Jul 9, 2018Powerpoint On Sustainability Management Criteria
Apr 27, 2018Proposed Paso Robles Subbasin Boundary Modification
Apr 13, 2018CA Department of Water Resources Basin Modification Filing
Mar 19, 2018Notice of Intent to Prepare Groundwater Sustainability Plan
Feb 15, 2018RFQ for Fee:Rate Consultants
Feb 14, 2018Supplemental Questions for GSP Selection
Feb 13, 2018Responses to Supplemental Questions for GSP Selection
Feb 13, 2018Responses to Supplemental Questions
Jan 12, 2018SVBGSA Statement of Qualifications
Jan 12, 2018SOQ for Groundwater Sustainability Planning Services
Dec 14, 2017GSP Grant Application
Nov 9, 2017Conflict of Interest Code
Apr 10, 2017Advisory Committee Charter and Bylaws
Jan 1, 2017Joint Exercise of Powers Agreement
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