Member Seat Alternate
Tom Adcock Municipal Well Operators and PUC-Regulated Water Companies Adnen Chaabane
Horacio Amezquita Disadvantaged Communities and Housing
Beverly Bean Environmental
Patrick Breen Water Supply and Management Mike Wegley
Chris Bunn River Management Association
Alfred Diaz-Infante Disadvantaged Communities and Housing Paul Tran
Patrick Dobbins City of Gonzales Harold Wolgomott
Chris Drew Salinas Valley Sustainable Water Group Mark McLaughlin
Howard Franklin Water Supply and Management Tamara Voss
Brian Frus County and City Governments
Brenda Granillo Municipal Well Operators and PUC-Regulated Water Companies Michael Bolzowski / Max Storms
Norm Groot Agriculture Joel Wiley
Robert Jaques Water Supply and Management Laura Paxton
Robin Lee Environmental Abby Hart
Mike McCullough Water Supply and Management
Charles McKee County and City Governments
Tom Merrifield Industrial Andrea Bailey
Kyle Monper Driscoll Dennis Lebow
Eric Morgan Agriculture Steve McIntyre
Robert Rodoni Rural Residential Well Owners
Herb Rowland Agriculture Kim Stemler
Bing Seid Rural Residential Well Owners
Jason Smith Agriculture Chris Valadez
Eric Tynan Water Supply and Management Grant Leonard / Ron Stefani
Tom Ward Planning / Land Use Janet Brennan