SVBGSA completes third monitoring well, adding crucial subbasin data

The Salinas Valley Basin Groundwater Sustainability Agency has constructed three of four new grant-funded monitoring wells in the 180/400-Foot Aquifer Subbasin. These wells will provide key data as SVBGSA continues to implement a long-term groundwater sustainability plan for the region.

Construction of four monitoring wells began in September 2023. So far, the Deep Aquifer-1 (DA-1), Deep Aquifer-3 (DA-3) and Interconnected Surface Water (ISW) monitoring wells have been completed. Construction on the final well, DA-2, begins in early December.

The 180/400-Foot Aquifer Subbasin covers an area of 89,700 acres (140 square miles). Most of the water in this subbasin is used for agriculture. Pumping has caused a long-term decline in groundwater storage due to lowering groundwater elevations and seawater intrusion for more than 70 years in this subbasin.

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