May 24, 2023



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Monterey County Groundwater Sustainability Plans Approved by State 

Langley, Eastside, Forebay, Upper Valley and Monterey Subbasins’ plans move into implementation phase

SALINAS, Calif. — The California Department of Water Resources (DWR) has approved the Groundwater Sustainability Plans (GSPs) for five of the six subbasins managed by the Salinas Valley Basin Groundwater Sustainability Agency (SVBGSA), a pivotal step in reaching long-term groundwater sustainability in the region.

DWR approved the GSPs for the Eastside Subbasin, the Forebay Subbasin, the Langley Subbasin, the Upper Valley Subbasin and the Monterey Subbasin. A core responsibility of the SVBGSA is to develop comprehensive GSPs for six subbasins in the Salinas Valley, then implement the strategies to achieve groundwater sustainability by 2042.

“We expect these plans to adapt over time to changing conditions,” DWR Deputy Director of Groundwater Management Paul Gosselin said. “The climate-driven weather extremes we are experiencing amplify the need for long-term groundwater management planning to ensure a safe and reliable groundwater supply that can be accessed during both wet years and the driest years without causing negative impacts.”

“State approval is a critical step forward that will enable us to implement our sustainability plans, which were created in collaboration with our diverse community through many thoughtful conversations,” said Piret Harmon, general manager for the SVBGSA.

The Monterey Subbasin is co-managed by the SVBGSA and Marina Coast Water District Groundwater Sustainability Agency (MCWD GSA).

“These approvals mark yet another step in our journey toward water sustainability,” said Remleh Scherzinger, General Manager of Marina Coast Water District. “As we’ve already begun implementation of the Monterey Subbasin plan, State approval memorializes our goals, our adaptive implementation strategies, and our commitment to protect the viability of our water resources MCWDGSA is committed to our community, the environment, and the basin for generations to come.”

The GSP for SVBGSA’s sixth subbasin, the 180/400-Foot Subbasin, was previously approved by DWR and an update also has been submitted.

The California State Legislature passed the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) in 2014 in response to a scientific understanding that groundwater in California is being used faster than it’s being replenished. The act requires designated groundwater basins to form a public agency to develop a groundwater management plan and implement actions that will help local subbasins reach or maintain groundwater sustainability. The Salinas Valley Basin Groundwater Sustainability Agency was created in 2017.


About the Salinas Valley Basin Groundwater Sustainability Agency

The SVBGSA was formed to develop comprehensive Groundwater Sustainability Plans and implement the plans to achieve groundwater sustainability by 2042. The Agency’s 11-member Board is comprised of stakeholders who represent diverse interests from across the Salinas Valley. Learn more at and on Facebook and Instagram.