On February 9th 2023, the SVBGSA Board of Directors adopted a policy which states that it is appropriate to consider a tiered fee structure for setting the regulatory fee on an annual basis. SVBGSA is seeking input on the potential change to the regulatory fee structure. If a tiered fee structure is approved, the regulatory fee will no longer be the same for every subbasin. Alternatively, the Board could continue with a uniform regulatory fee for all subbasins.

Those interested in learning more about the regulatory fee options under consideration are encouraged to participate in upcoming Subbasin Implementation Committee meetings and the May and June SVBGSA board meetings. Meetings may also be requested by emailing the fee setting outreach specialist at rollinsprconsulting@gmail.com, or contacting Piret Harmon, SVBGSA General Manager, at harmonp@svbgsa.org.

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