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The Subbasin Committees will hold a special meeting on 7/28/20 at 1 p.m.  The agenda has been published at svbgsa.org/meetings, and a description of the workshop follows:

As a part of the Salinas Valley Basin Groundwater Sustainability Agency planning process, several informational workshops have been planned for the subbasin committees which are also open to the public. The next workshop about Sustainable Management Criteria (SMC) is on July 28th (1:00 – 3:00 pm) and you may join the teleconference meeting at https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81421490258

The SMC workshop will provide an overview of the six Sustainability Indicators and four Sustainability Management Criteria terms that are central to the planning process. Sustainability Indicators are the groundwater conditions measured throughout the basin that, when “Significant and Unreasonable”, become “Undesirable Results”. These indicators are groundwater elevation declines, groundwater storage reductions, seawater intrusion, water quality degradations, land subsidence, and interconnected surface water depletion. “Minimum Thresholds” and “Measurable Objectives” are established and monitored for each indicator in order to determine conditions and ultimately measure sustainability.

Significant and Unreasonable: A qualitative statement that describes unacceptable conditions each sustainability indicator.
Minimum Thresholds: A quantitative measurement of what is significant and unreasonable.
Measurable Objective: Quantitative goals that reflect the basin’s desired groundwater conditions.
Undesirable Result: A quantitative combination of minimum threshold exceedances for each sustainability indicator that are considered unacceptable.

This calendar is a projection of upcoming meetings and is subject to change.  For actual notice of official meetings, please see the published agenda at svbgsa.org/meetings.